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Gay Furry Sex Game – Free Furry Porn Games

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Gay Furry Sex Game Is The Wildest Fetish Gaming Site

When we decided to start a site that’s entirely based on hardcore sex games with gay furry creatures, we knew that we will have a bumpy road ahead. When you start such a niched project, finding content is hard to do, and if you find a handful of games, you’re going to lack diversity in your library. We’ve searched the web for a wide and we only found half of what we needed. For the other half we got some promises from developers that they will finish producing games for our site in the next twelve months. So, we decided to wait another year until the launch of the site, because we didn’t want to launch a site where half the people won’t find the kind of games they want to play and then associate our brand with a porn gaming site that promises but doesn’t deliver.

However, the past year has flew by so fast and here we are, with all games delivered and with the big launch behind us. You’re now welcomed on Gay Furry Sex Game, the ultimate homoerotic gaming platform for all the antro fetishists who feel more comfortable with their sexuality if they are protected by their beloved fursona. And in these games, you will get to build up your own fursona, because all the titles of our collection are coming in HTML5 with incredible customization menus. We’ll talk about this and all the other features of our site in the paragraph below.

This Collection of Gay Furry Games Is Splendid

If we are to divide the collection of our site, the clearest classification would be on the one side small games, and on the other side the big ones. The small games are those you’d want to play when you’re looking for a quick release. Let’s say you’re not home alone or you’re getting horny on a long train ride. So, you get on our site, choose one of the small games, get yourself hard and horny in two minutes playing it, and then rub one off making sure to cum at the same time with your virtual fursona. These small games are both sex simulators and fantasy simulators at once. You will get to fuck the other characters however you want, but the story that brings you together will be different. We have furry incest games, furry BDSM games, furry fantasy games and even a spooky furry game taking place in a graveyard at night.

On the other hand, we have big games, or better said the medium games and the first multiplayer gay furry sex game on the web. This is the thing we’ve been waiting for the whole past year. We wanted to have a game that’s hosted on our servers and we wanted to be able to offer gameplay in complete discretion, with no registration, no email and no password. As long as you don’t delete your browser history, both the customization of the avatar and the progress through the game will be saved in the cache memory of your browser. In this multiplayer game you will be able to interact with other players from all around the world. There are two types of interaction, either through text and chat, either through all kinds of naughty activities in which you can engage. You can basically have gay sex with all furry players of the games and talk about yourself and your kinks through the chat client. We’re working on adding lots of other features to the game, such as quests, character unlocking and voice chat, but those will take come time.

Play All The Gay Furry Sex Game For Free

I know that whenever players hear about free gaming, they immediately shiver at the thought of all those annoying ads they have to put up with. Well, it’s no longer the case with sites like ours. It seems like porn games have become just as popular as videos, and the big advertising companies are now collaborating with us. Basically, the same ads you’ll get on YouPorn or PornHub are coming to you on our site. Just skip that video in five seconds while the game is loading and you’re good to go. Everything else it’s being taken care of. You just need any device with internet connection and an up-to-date browser, plus a confirmation that you’re over 18 years old. Then you can explore your sexuality with Gay Furry Sex Game.

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